Monday, April 25, 2005

Wal-Mart Empire 

Spent the weekend out in the woods and then down in the canyons with some companions picking up trash, drinking, doing a little fishing. Fresh fish and potatoes fried over a fire, washed down with homemade cherry brandy and guitar picking and off-key singing. My kind of seder, although I did miss the noodle kugel, lamb chops and haroses. Can’t have everything.

Mostly we picked up the usual stuff, and usually from piles where folks just come out and dump off the end of their truck, Alice’s Restaurant-style. Although we did find a complete toilet, sitting by itself in the middle of a clearing pretty far from the road, next to a small barrel of rusty nails. Speculation ran rampant on that one, lemme tell ya. The county puts out a few big dumpsters at the crossroads on Earth Day and we filled up two of them. One of our folks is into found art, and she hauled some weird stuff home that I can’t wait to see the end result of.

But here’s the thing: We were standing in a trout stream in the afternoon, casting and hoping to get lucky, when something came rushing down the stream. We snagged it, and there, in a stream easily sixty miles from the nearest town of any size, discovered it to be a Wal-Mart bag with a used diaper in it.

WTF? Is no place safe?

Now, to catch up on the news… or maybe not.

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