Sunday, April 10, 2005

Twisting, twisting, slowly in the wind 

And it couldn't happen to a nicer fascist:

Allies and friends of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (Tex.) have concluded that public attention to his ethics is unlikely to abate for months to come, and they plan to try to preserve his power by launching an aggressive media strategy and calling in favors from prominent conservative leaders, according to Republicans participating in the strategy sessions.

The Republicans said the strategy combines leaks from DeLay allies about questionable Democratic trips and financial matters; denunciations of unfavorable news stories as biased, orchestrated rehashes; and swift, organized responses to journalists' inquiries.

The resistance was launched two weeks ago when DeLay flew back to Washington from Texas during Easter recess to speak to a group of about 30 conservative leaders who had gathered in the conference room of the Family Research Council for a call to arms on his behalf.

[Rep. Eric I. Cantor (R-Va.) said:] "He is taking arrows for all of us, given the intentions of the other side," Cantor said.
(via Mike Allen in WaPo)

I love it. "The resistance..." I mean, these guys are the Empire, and they think of themselves as the Resistance? Winger victimology really does work 24/7, doesn't it?

NOTE Cantor's "arrows" comment adds Catholic victimology to winger victimology, a truly potent brew. I was going to post an image of Saint Sebastian (for example, this one) but I just can't bring myself to....

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