Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Screaming Live Over the Internets 

From the Department of Aiiee! My Head Is Exploding, the following:

According to WaPo, KaWen’s Muslim outreach efforts are on shaky ground. Wonder why?

Despite the administration's repeated pledges of outreach, the State Department's main program directed at the Islamic world has no Muslim staff, U.S. officials say. "There's a dearth of Muslims in the State Department generally," a senior State Department official said. Like Powell, who is Egyptian American, most Arabs in the administration are Christians, sources said.

Well, ya see, when Jesus comes back we want the whole department to be Raptured, and…

And, also at WaPo, DeLay’s meltdown continues documented. From the email he sent his supporters:

"It would be quite easy to write an entire book about how Democrats, and many in the press, have chosen to selectively report and strategically ignore many FACTS about me and my work as Congressman for the 22nd District," DeLay wrote.

Keep talking, Tommie. You’re the best spokesperson running for the Democrats in ’06. Cockroaches for DeLay!

And finally, WaPo notes that the torturers had a “wish list” of techniques they’d like to try on prisoners in iWaq:

Army intelligence officials in Iraq developed and circulated "wish lists" of harsh interrogation techniques they hoped to use on detainees in August 2003, including tactics such as low-voltage electrocution, blows with phone books and using dogs and snakes—suggestions that some soldiers believed spawned abuse and illegal interrogations.

All practice for what could be used in the American prisons that Torturememo Gonzales is busily stuffing. OK, maybe not. At least not until aWol’s judges fix the Bill of Rights until it becomes so “quaint” as to be unnecessary.

Okay, Spain, start drawing up the indictments!

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