Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rove, Ratzinger: Asshole buddies 

Under Pope "Eggs" Benedict XVIII, look for plenty more Vatican interference in American electoral politics:

In a private memorandum, top Vatican prelate Cardinal [now Pope] Joseph Ratzinger told American bishops that Communion must be denied to Catholic politicians who support legal abortion.

While never mentioning Sen. John Kerry by name, the memo implicitly aims at the pro-choice Catholic Massachusetts senator and presidential candidate.
(via Scaife's agitprop vehicle for the VRWC, Newsmax)

Nice of them not to mention Kerry by name, eh? Very courteous.

Can't these guys take care of their child molesters, and then risk their tax exempt status by getting involved in elections? (Hi, Bernie! Nice eulogy!)

NOTE The Kerry connection from a suggestion in comments by RDF.

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