Monday, April 11, 2005

Republicans vs. The Constitution: Negroponte and the Contras 

The dead can still speak:

As Negroponte prepares for his Senate confirmation hearing today for the new post of director of national intelligence, hundreds of previously secret cables and telegrams have become available that shed new light on the most controversial episode in his four-decade diplomatic career.
(via WaPo)

And what do those papers reveal?

The day after the House voted to halt all aid to rebels fighting to overthrow the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, U.S. Ambassador to Honduras John D. Negroponte urged the president's national security adviser and the CIA director to hang tough.

The thrust of the envoy's "back channel" July 1983 message to the men running the contra war against Nicaragua was contained in a single cryptic sentence: "Hondurans believe special project is as important as ever."

"Special project" was code for the secret arming of contra rebels from bases in Honduras -- a cause championed by Negroponte...

Let's pause a minute to cite the Constitution:

The Congress... shall have the power to raise and support Armies.
(Article 1, section 8 via FindLaw

That's for all you original intent folks out there...

The bottom line is this: The Republicans have been trying to abolish Constitutional government for a generation. Bush, with the [cough] Patriot Act (trashing the Bill of Rights), the silent re-allocation of billions of dollars from Afghanistan to Iraq (Congressional power of the purse), the institution of torture (cruel and unusual punishment), calling Social Security just an IOU (full faith and credit), and a long train of other abuses and usurpations, is the noxious apotheosis of Republican policies that started with Nixon's Plumbers, and continued through Ollie North's "off the shelf" covert operations and yes, Negroponte's Contras.

Since what is Negroponte proposing but the circumvention of Congress's Constitutional power of the purse? The House says "No more money" as is their Constitutional prerogative. Does Negroponte obey? No. He, and the Republicans, try to rewrite the rules, just like they always do. Except in this case the rules are the Constitution, our Constitution, and the bottom line is the loss of the Constitution and with it, our freedoms.

Negroponte's confirmation hearings give the Beltway Dems an excellent chance to connect these dots and call Bullshit on the way the Republicans are trashing the Constitution.

Will they have the courage?

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