Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rapture index unchanged on economy, Iran nukes 

Rapture Ready.

Just to give you some idea how these loons think, here are the scores:

The economy: +1 (There are new fears that economic activity is slowing.)
Persia (Iran): -1 (Israel has said it has no plans to bomb Iran's nuclear Facilities.)

So, the economy is tanking. That's good, because it brings the Rapture closer.

And Israel isn't going to cause the entire Mideast to explode by bombing Iran. That's bad, because it pushes the Rapture farther off.

Anyone detecting a whiff of up-is-downism here? Anyhow, you can see why these loons like Bush so much!

Someone should ask Bush if he believes in the Rapture. In fact, someone should ask Bush if He's a dominionist.

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