Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Own Personal Smoke-Out Thursday 

CNN reports that the Clown Prince is planning a prime time propagandafest this evening, only his 4th since he stole the office in 2001. This could be worse news if Thursday wasn't (for me) one of the most abysmal nights on television. But more to the point, what could lure this delicate, press-shy earwig out from under his dark, damp rock?

Well, his 64% disapproval rating might help explain it.

Or the spectacular failure of his road-bound sideshow in shoving Alpo Accounts down the public throat the last couple months.

Or his strategic anticipation of the many objections already being raised to his ridiculous "energy initiatives" proposed yesterday, including covering the risk insurance for nuclear reactors with taxpayer money.

In the past, he has held prime-time television news conferences only when he needed to blow smoke up a nervous public's ass, during times when his credibility and planning were in jeopardy. Last April he gave one with an eye to the upcoming election, to shore up waning support for the Iraq war and to assure the folks he was still in charge in the War on Terra. Before that, it was to prep us for his invasion of Iraq in 2003. And before that, it was the long overdue conference held an entire month after September 11, when talk was that maybe he didn't know what the hell to do, and which he consequently proved by assuring us all we needed to do was go to the mall.

So we can safely assume he (and Rove) are setting us up for another smoke enema tonight. I for one will forgo the pleasure, and get it second-hand in the media and blogs later. The mere sight of the man sets off my gag reflex.

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