Monday, April 04, 2005

More Bomb News 

Leonard Bird has written a provocative book, Folding Paper Cranes: An Atomic Memoir, giving a personal history of his life with the bomb. He was a soldier who witnessed testing firsthand, without any protective gear to speak of, and paid the price. Is still paying the price. I’m not pimping for the University of Utah press or anything, but if you’re interested in nookyoolar issues—and if you’re not, why not?—then the book is worth a look. Folding Paper Cranes An Atomic Memoir will take you to the press and a synopsis, or there’s always the local library, if you don’t mind checking books out and starting an FBI file on yourself.

In related news, the CDC has stopped its studies of the effects of nookyoolar fallout on children exposed during those same tests. (AP Wire 03/29/2005 CDC halts thyroid study funding) They say they don’t have enough money to continue. Hm. Wonder why? Could it be priorities? Budget cuts for everyone except the Pentagon? Worth a trip to the resources at the National Priorities Project to think about it.

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