Friday, April 08, 2005

Looking Ahead 

In the general hubbub surrounding our local county party chair elections (the good guys won, btw) I have been trying to find a resource that will help us keep track of 2006 deadlines and races and suchlike so that the GOTV effort can happen, and happen early. Best I’ve found that’s comprehensive is

Our Campaigns - Key Races

which is a site that has a list of upcoming races and deadlines and lots of other information. Unfortunately, unless you like to process world politics, the races listed include ALL races, even ones in other countries. This is not an endorsement of the site, just noting its usefulness. If you know of others, by all means, pass it on. Your state’s Secretary of State’s office is also a good place to go, as well as your local county clerk.

Still, there are key things to be done, aside from watching dates:

1. Make sure no GOPer runs unopposed, for any office, from dog-catcher on up.
2. Make sure poll-watchers are organized and ready. Keep writing those letters demanding a paper trail for e-voting.
3. Help good candidates get on the ballot and help them campaign EARLY.
4. Get the energy up with music and food.
5. Watch for local races—county chairs, school boards, etc.
6. Be crafty; e.g., help Libertarians run in heavily GOP districts.

What am I forgetting?

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