Monday, April 18, 2005

It's "Selective Enforcement" Until You Get Picked 

Yeah, as suspected, narcotics violations accounted for almost half of the 10,000 fugitives rounded up (a total of 4,291) in Operation FALCON. Texas was the leader in the nationwide dragnet with 902 arrests. No CEO's or crooked bankers or accountants got popped that I could tell.

I’m not saying there aren’t genuine criminals who need to be gotten off the streets. I’m just saying that we should all be aware that when law enforcement throws a wide net, everybody is eligible. Why these particular 10,000? Who picked them to be examples? I’m sure everyone reading this is in violation of some law, written in some dusty book, right now. And they haven’t really even begun to outlaw the left wing yet, although surely that’s in the cards. Remember the Palmer raids. Wikipedia: Palmer raids Remember Cointelpro. Wikipedia: COINTELPRO

The label “criminal” makes all kinds of things possible, and it’s frighteningly easy to get that label, especially if you’re one of “them.” For example, if the powers that be want to disenfranchise you or make you unemployable, that’s one sure way to do it. And poor people don’t get Dream Teams to represent them.

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