Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm Taking My Toys & Going Home! Oh, Wait... 

A coupla things.

First, humble props to Barbara Ehrenreich writing in the March 05 issue of The Progressive about the tsunami and gods. One nine-inch nail, hit squarely on the head:

What it comes down to is that we're up shit creek here on the planet Earth. We're wide open to asteroid hits, with the latest near-miss coming in October, when a city-sized one passed within a mere million miles of Earth, which is just four times the distance between the Earth and the moon. Then, too, it's only a matter of time before the constant shuffling of viral DNA results in a global pandemic. And 12/26 was a reminder that the planet itself is a jerry-rigged affair, likely to keep belching and lurching. Even leaving out global warming and the possibility of nuclear war, this is not a good situation, in case you hadn't noticed so far.

If there is a God, and He, She, or It had a message for us on 12/26, that message is: Get your act together, folks--your seismic detection systems, your first responders and global mobilization capacity--because no one, and I do mean no One, is coming to medi-vac us out of here. Barbara Ehrenreich demands an apology from God.

And mama earth sends another little reminder… Strong earthquake rocks Tokyo region

Of course, the GOP response to such global knowledge is to tighten up Fortress America so that we can play with our toys right up until the end, when the good guys get raptured anyway, or at least when Bruce Willis saves the planet with good old American oil know-how, or something, so what’s to worry? We’re fighting over our toys while the playroom is gliding closer and closer to the edge of the falls.

If that thought doesn’t give you nightmares, give me two of what you’re taking before bedtime.

Second, it’s so good to see that GOPers are having second thoughts about killing the filibuster (called, in the usual kneeslapping apocalyptic parlance of the GOP the “nookyoolar option”) not because they’re sincerely worried about losing it (tho maybe some are, but most realize that if they take away they can also give back) but because it seems to be becoming a dead issue with nobody willing to push it. Thus, when the Dems use it, who can reasonably complain? And use it they must, what with so many of the Supremes that sing the right (left) notes having one foot on a banana peel and the other in, well, you know… McCain sees 'slippery slope' in filibuster ban

But, then, anything to keep the public’s eyes off of the fact that, as the good doctor says, if we don’t all learn to live together as brothers and sisters, we’ll all perish together as fools.

Oh, wait. It’s gonna be okay after all: U.N. nominee Bolton vows to 'work with all'

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