Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Help Us With Our New Address 

As renovations go forward on the mighty Corrente building, and the corrolary expansion of the Corrente blog, we will require a new virtual address, otherwise known as a URL.

After some research, we have two contenders, each with two variations in the after the dot extension, and we would appreciate the thoughts of alert readers and alert fellow bloggers as to which of the four varations strikes them as the better choice, and also why if a why occurs to them:








We are partial to the ".net" extension, which better expresses, we feel, both the break from corrente's past and as an indication of a larger, broader future, but we are also aware that ".com" is the more common and perhaps easier to remember.

As between which corrente thing to call ourselves in our URL, "mighty" or 'bldg" we await your comments with much appreciation.

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