Monday, April 25, 2005

The geeks just got it 

Smooth move by the Republicans, blacklisting Kerry contributors from a telecommunications standards commmittee meeting. The geeks noticed, as well they should have, and now they're pissed. In fact, they're using the F word. From Slashdot:

My question is, what exactly do they have to do to get an exception to Goodwin's law passed? I mean, so far we've got documented evidence of:

1. Internal travel documents/no fly lists ("Transportation safety")
2. Spying on your neighbor programs ("Information Awareness")
3. Arresting people and holding them with due process ("The War on Terror")
4. ...and occasionally torturing them (ditto)
5. ...that sometimes leading to them dying (oops)
6. Supression of dissent ("Free Speech Zones")
7. Orwellian double-speak (see above)
8. Suppression of opposition (locking the opposition out of the legislature)
9. Arresting opposing party candidates weeks before the election (Clark & Badnarik)
10. Manipulation of the media (including paying analysts to "support" their policies)
11. Fibbing to start wars

I'd like to see the theocrats and the slashdotters get into a bar fight; and I'd bet on the slashdotters. After all, there is no faith-based methodology for programming a computer or administrating a network (modulo, of course, anything involving IIS).

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