Friday, April 22, 2005

Frist's owners, the Dominionists, plan to abolish the independent judiciary 

Some kind soul recorded a Dominionist strategy session, and sent the tape to the LA Times:

An audio recording obtained by the Los Angeles Times features two of the nation's most influential evangelical leaders, at a private conference with supporters, laying out strategies to rein in judges, such as stripping funding from their courts in an effort to hinder their work.

"There's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one way to take a black robe off the bench," said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council, according to an audiotape of a March 17 session. The tape was provided to The Times by the advocacy group Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

The March conference featuring [James C.] Dobson and [Tony] Perkins [of Focus on the Family] showed that the evangelical leaders, in addition to working to place conservative nominees on the bench, have been trying to find ways to remove certain judges.

Perkins said that he had attended a meeting with congressional leaders a week earlier where the strategy of stripping funding from certain courts was "prominently" discussed. "What they're thinking of is not only the fact of just making these courts go away and re-creating them the next day but also defunding them," Perkins said.

He said that instead of undertaking the long process of trying to impeach judges, Congress could use its appropriations authority to "just take away the bench, all of his staff, and he's just sitting out there with nothing to do."

These curbs on courts are "on the radar screen, especially of conservatives here in Congress," he said.

Dobson, who emerged last year as one of the evangelical movement's most important political leaders, named one potential target: the California-based U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

"Very few people know this, that the Congress can simply disenfranchise a court," Dobson said. "They don't have to fire anybody or impeach them or go through that battle. All they have to do is say the 9th Circuit doesn't exist anymore, and it's gone."
(via LA Times)

The Dominionists own Frist, own Bush, and they own the Republican Party.

It isn't just about the filibuster; it isn't just about Bush's 10 judges; it's about the independence of the judicial branch of government.

It really is Republicans versus the Constitution. And so far, the Republicans have been winning.

NOTE And, oh yes, Bill "Hello Kitty" Frist taped his speech to his dominionist owners today, all about the "filibuster against people of [cough] faith," the theme of "[cough] Justice Sunday." He lends his name to the the dominionists, so he agrees with what they say, and wants what they want, which is the destruction of the US Constitution in favor of a theocracy.

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