Saturday, April 23, 2005

For Frist's "Just Us" Sunday 

Melanie from Just a Bump in the Beltway, and also my blogsibling over at American Street, has begun a new project: Judging the Future

I'll let her explain it:
"The blog is sponsored by Earthjustice and part of a 27 member advocacy group coalition in DC who think that blogs can make change.

The focus this week will be on the Frist nonsense and we're going to be part of a big blogburst to counter the Frist event on Sunday. I'm inviting you to join me in countering Frist's Just Us Sunday. We on the left don't think that faith is only for Republicans. Or that only Republicans have values, ethics or morals. All of those things CAN be derived from a faith tradition, but they can equally be found in the Universal Charter of Human Rights, the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and Bob Fulgham's "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten." The right doesn't own the franchise on morals. Or religion.

In my country, the people of faith include Ba'hais, Jains, Jews, Wiccans, Pagans, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Anamists, Methodists and Friends. And that is just part of the official chaplaincy list kept by the Department of Defence. They may have added Scientologists since the last time I checked. In my book, doubt and scepticism rank real high on the list of accepted faiths.

The Christian(ist) evangelical right doesn't have a lock on "faith" as much as they would like to think they do. On Sunday, they are going to hear from Americans of every faith and none at all that this is our country, too. Please join us."
That's right. It's my country, too. Check out the site, and get on over tomorrow to see what she has.

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