Thursday, April 14, 2005

Follow This, Mofo 

Well, ol’ silver tongue, sleek daddy tower of intellect is at it again, as the article at Associated Press shows. Down in the body of the article we find that today he told a body of newspaper editors the following:

After his address, Bush answered questions and made these points:

_He has ordered a review of plans to tighten re-entry rules at the Mexican and Canadian borders. He said a requirement to show passports could "disrupt the honest flow of traffic." Bush said he first learned about the new rules by reading the newspaper and his first reaction was, "What's going on here?"

Followup questions? (“You’re saying you now read newspapers?”)

_The government has to judge the need to protect its citizens against the right of people to demand access to government documents. But he said the presumption ought to be that citizens should know as much as possible about government decision-making. Bush said he does not use e-mail because he wants to protect his privacy when communicating with his daughters and others.

Followup questions? (“Um, sir, what is email exactly? Is a part of the Internets?” "Can other Americans email each other without government intrusion?")

_Said there is no inconsistency between his support of the death penalty and his espousal of "a culture of life," which he invoked in trying to get federal courts to intervene in the case of Terry Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman who was at the center of a heated political, legal and medical battle. "The difference between the case of Terry Schiavo and the case of a convicted killer is the difference between guilt and innocence," he said.

Followup questions? (“So the innocent civilian deaths in Iraq fit into this culture of life how, exactly, sir?”)

What questions am I missing?

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