Thursday, April 21, 2005

Condoms == life 

Duh. Duh, that is, to everyone but our crop of winger loons:

"I believe condoms need to be debated, and I believe theologically their use can be justified, to prevent the transmission of a death-dealing virus," said Bishop Kevin Dowling of Rustenburg, South Africa, an impoverished diocese of miners and poor women who sell their bodies to feed their children, where H.I.V. rates in prenatal clinics approach 50 percent.

"I see these young women and their babies, and the desperation and the suffering, and I think, 'What would Jesus want?' " he said in an interview. "There's no way he could condemn someone like this."
(via NY Times)

In our debased discourse, "culture of life" is yet another example of winger up-is-downism. In reality, These People are totally into death—as long as its someone else who's dying.

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