Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bubble Boy: Nobody must criticize Godly Man! 

Naturally, Bush didn't politicize the Pope's funeral, and I'm not saying He did. After all, the last body to get 24/7 media coverage was Terry Schiavo's, and everyone knows the Republicans didn't politicize that. And Bush did say (Froomkin) "I have to think about it", when asked whether He would attend. And so I'm sure the idea that He would actually get photographed photograph kneeling before the Pope's dead body played no thought whatever in His thinking. How could it, when political operative Andy Card, not even a member of the US delegation, knelt there too? I mean, that shows anybody can get photographed in Saint Peter's basilica, so where's the political angle? Let's be reasonable, now. And besides, since the White House staffers are all doing God's work, they're just as Godly as Bush is, so what's the big deal?

And I'm sure leaving former President Jimmy Carter off the delegation had nothing to do with politics, either. Let alone payback:

"'The other thing that people forget is that Carter has treated President Bush very badly. He has openly criticized the President in a manner that President Clinton has not,' says a Bush administration source."
(via American Spectator via Froomkin)

"Openly critcized the President"?!?"! Heaven forfend! See, what people don't understand is that since the Bush is Godly, to criticize Bush is to criticize God's Holy Representative on Earth, the Vicar of Christ.... Oh, wait...

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