Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogaround Swipe 

Mustang Bobby at Bark Bark Woof Woof does all the hard work. And because he's such a nice guy I've taken it upon myself to steal his entire blogaround listing and repost it here as a public service. And, because, since MB is quite possibly the nicest guy in the blogosphere, he won't try to beat me up for doing so. And he could beat me up if he wanted to, because, as I've come to learn over time, he's practiced in the art of lifting heavy stuff.

So then, go read some or all of these blogs listed below. Maybe you're familiar with most of them, maybe not, in any case, wander around, do some sightseeing.

It's time consuming putting together a blogaround list and I'd even be tempted to give it a go once in a while myself if I wasn't such a lazy self-absorbed loser trying to draw attention to important me - oh, vainglorious me. Plus I have to fly to Wisconsin over the weeked with Dr. Bill Frist, Hal Turner, Ted Nugent, and several rotting emphysemic dignitaries from Klaus Barbie's old Thule lodge, where we will mow down a dozen, or perhaps several dozen dozen, feral federal judges, i mean kitty cats! - rogue activist kitty cats of terror! - with our gas operated M-249's. Whew. Afterwhich we will all hoist a cold one to Jesus Christ and Milton Friedman and piddle away whatever free time we have left grooving to Live At Hammersmith '79.

Ok, like I said, in the meantime... (thanks to Bark Bark Woof Woof):
Welcome another Florida blogger -- Julien's List -- to the blogroll. Who knew there were so many women bloggers?

Here's what's happening in The Liberal Coalition:

All Facts and Opinions is back on-line after a short interruption.
archy covers the bunker mentality.
Bark Bark Woof Woof sees deeper meaning in a radio station format change in Miami.
blogamy tells of a murder of a reporter.
moi at bloggg joins an autism blog ring.
Chris reviews Velvet Revolver.
Collective Sigh is pissed at the Missouri state legislature.
The Farmer at Corrente finds a historical precedent to government "redesign."
NTodd is the podcaster...or is that NToddcaster?
Echidne mulls on the role of women as targets of the right wing.
edwardpig considers the Independent Home.
First Draft on the president actually speaking to reporters.
The Fulcrum mines the field of mines.
The Gamer's Nook picks up the story of soldiers getting the shaft in Florida.
Happy Furry Puppy Story looks at the bankruptcy bill through the eyes of Gordon Gecko.
Iddybud reports on John Edwards' visit to Harvard.
In Search of Telford has good and bad news about bio-fuels.
The Invisible Library reflects on the passing of the pope.
Did you know there was an oil spill in Alaska? Left is Right did.
Make Me A Commentator invokes the Bard to describe two scandals.
Mercury X23 is back... or he was for a little while.
Michael needs some new meds. *ouch*
Pen-Elayne notes the little flu virus oops.
Rivka at Respectful of Otters welcomes the latest new otter. Congratulations Mom and Alexandra! Rick has his lastest gig schedule.
Rook's Rant (a fellow Practical Press writer) admires Kevin Drum's coffee choice.
rubber hose takes a longer look at a David Brooks column.
Scrutiny Hooligans on the new leader at PBS.
Sooner Thought reports on a union filing suit against Wal-Mart.
Speedkill takes on the AFA.
Steve Gilliard predicts the future for Bernie Kerick.
T-Rex presents evidence that the Republicans hate veterans.
Trish has a look at people other than pharmacists who invoke the "conscience clause."
Wanda has found a Social Security plan she can support.
WTF Is It Now reports that Scalia got asked The Question.
The Yellow Doggerel Democrat chuckles over the Unitarian Jihad.

Original Friday Blogaround roundup via Bark Bark Woof Woof is HERE


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