Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blame the [expletive deleted] 

The Bugman is careening ever closer to the Nixon batshit crazy edge, it seems. Please, let him lead the house GOP into the 2006 midterms. Please. He will start sounding more and more like Tricky Dick, pacing the oval office, snarling and delusional, ordering his minions to ever-increasing acts of madness, and the public is bound to notice:

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, hoping to hold support among fellow Republicans, urged GOP senators Tuesday to blame Democrats if asked about his ethics controversy and accused the news media of twisting supportive comments so they sounded like criticism.

Officials said DeLay recommended that senators respond to questions by saying Democrats have no agenda other than partisanship, and are attacking him to prevent Republicans from accomplishing their legislative program. One Republican said the Texan referred to a "mammoth operation" funded by Democratic supporters and designed to destroy him as a symbol of the Republican majority. Associated Press

We’re not out to get you, Tommie. We WANT you to stay right where you are, a shining example of the modern GOP in all it’s glory. And yes, please stay off your meds. We want to see that old Bugman we love in all his glory.

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