Monday, April 04, 2005

And They Want To Be Your Latex Salesmen 

:::UPDATE::: Looks like we may have fallen for an April Fools item from Counterpunch. For what it's worth we weren't the only ones to bite on this in good faith, Chicago Indymedia and others turned up in a google for OSBS.

Blogger's acting up today, so you may get several updates as multiple Correntians fight the beast. This one's from Xan (me).

Further Update: Riggsveda here. I did say above in the now defunct post that "More digging needs to be done on this, but if this is true..." Even so, I am chastened. When you only have a limited amount of time to spend at the keyboard, sometimes it can be hard to chase down every avenue to verify or debunk every piece you run across. (It's hard! Blogging is hard work!) Frankly, it sounded just like something this crew in office would pull, and being human, one will err. That said, I have a responsiblility to the others on this site, as well as to readers, to be sure of my sources.
Fucking April Fools' Day.

UPDATE And a tip of The Ol' Corrente Hat to the man in the grey turtleneck.

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