Sunday, April 17, 2005

Alpo Accounts: The Republican plan according to WaPo 

Here it is:

The emerging Bush-Senate Republican strategy is to entice Democrats into the debate by first focusing on shoring up the system and then selling the private accounts as the smartest way to ease the pain of benefit cuts.
(via WaPo)

"Entice" them? What, with a horses's head the in the bed?

And what pain? Make the payroll tax a hair more progressive, if there is a problem, which Bush has never shown. Since "everything is on the table," eh?

UPDATE Alert reader Hobson comments:

We ought to be letting the Dems know that the first and only thing on the table should be the Preznit publicly retracting his statements that the Trust Fund is just IOU's.

Damn straight. Excellent point, Hobson.

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