Saturday, April 16, 2005

Alpo Accounts: Dems about to cave? 

Yeah, the Dems ran some focus groups. Yeah, like that's worked so well for them in the past. Anyhow:

House Democrats have decided to quit emphasizing that they will not negotiate changes to Social Security until President Bush drops his idea for private accounts. The switch in strategy comes after Democrats learned from focus groups that people frown on the lawmakers for being obstinate.

"People feel like it doesn't show a good-faith effort," said a top House aide, who like several others spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the internal data. "It makes us seem like we're 'typical politicians.'"
(via AP)

Yeah, like doing a focus group on FDR's legacy makes you look as if you aren't a typical politician! Gutless, feckless Beltway Dems. They've got Bush on the ropes, so what do they do? They let up.

Meanwhile, Inerrant Boy is still sucking and blowing around:

President George W. Bush encouraged lawmakers to come forward with ideas for restructuring Social Security, urging Democrats and Republicans to end partisan attacks and agree on solutions.

``If I have anything to do with it, there will be political amnesty for people bringing good ideas forward,'' Bush said in a speech at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio. ``Now's not the time to play political gotcha.''

Translation: "Honey, I've changed."

And the "amnesty" thing?! Translation: "You're traitors, but for now, we need you, so all is forgiven." (Until Bush gets what he wants, of course.)

A litle reality check here:

1. There is no Social Security crisis. Therefore, there is nothing to negotiate.

2. What would be negotiable is dealing with rising medical costs, since that's the genuine problem.

3. Anyhow, you can't negotiate with people whose word isn't good. There's simply no such thing as good faith negotations with the people who lied us into a war, stole at least one Presidential election, are advocating the assassination of judges, and think Christ died for the Republican Party. In any case:

(a) Bush's word is not good, so what's to negotiate?

(b) Delay's word is not good, and neither is Frist's. Can anyone seriously believe that if a Social Security "reform" bill goes into Conference Committee, it's going to come out looking like every winger's wet dream, with anything the Democrats "negotiated" stripped out?

Just when I was beginning to get to like the Reid/Dean/Pelosi combo, they pull a stunt like this. Straight down that yellow stripe in the middle of the road...

Readers, any more optimistic and hopeful interpretations than mine?

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