Sunday, March 06, 2005

Whiney Joe: Greenspan "An above average human being" 

I needed an excuse to print farmer's wonderful portrait of Alan "Why is my nose brown?" Greenspan again—and happily, Whiney Joe gives me the chance!

Other Democrats distanced themselves from Reid's comment [back, that Greenspan is a political hack]. Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said on CNN that Greenspan is "sometimes very mistaken," but he is an "above-average human.".
(via AP)

WTF? Whiney Joe must think DC is Lake Wobegone!

And way to hang tough with your leader, there, Beltway Dems!

And maybe someone can tell me how stealing trillions of dollars in already paid worker's retirement money, and handing it over to the super-rich in the form of tax cuts, makes Greenspan an "above average" human being on any scale that takes ethics or morality into account? (Krugman, back, on the Heist of the century")

Greenspan to The Duck Pit!

Lieberman to The Duck Pit!

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