Monday, March 07, 2005

What I Been Hearing 

Had to pass this one along. I was on the road and stopped at one of my favorite little cafes to eat supper. Place is down south. Best green chile stew I ever ate. Overheard this conversation inna booth behind me:

I see in the paper where the chile crop is gonna be bad this year.

Yeah, all this rain. A lot of folks won’t be able to get a crop in.

Who do we blame for that?

You can’t blame anybody for the weather, man.

Ah. Who, indeed? I’d read the same article. Chile crop’s in trouble. But it’s not a GLOBAL phenom or anything (Kyoto). Nothing to see here (Kyoto). So, I hope everyone stocked their freezer real good last fall. Those of you as is chile eaters, I mean. Myself, I got to have my green chiles. Glad I put 50 lbs., roasted and peeled, in the freezer.

And in related news, although I’m not sure related how exactly, I read in the same fishwrapper that the New Mexico legislature passed a loan shark reform act. About time. But. Ah, but… These bloodsuckers prey on the poor, often Native folk: car title loans, payday loans, personal loans up to $500. Legislature decided that they couldn’t roll over the loans anymore, but that the 600% interest rate was okay. 600% interest is okay? WTF?

More “reform.” Haven’t kept up on the doings in Denver, but I imagine they’re just as bad as Santa Fe. Although medical marijuana might make it this year in Santa Fe.

And in the same damn paper, a column by Diana West, who truly is a leaky bag of rancid phlegm & smegma-filled doughnut holes, arguing that HST is actually “mainstream MSM.” She says “…the gonzo sensibility has infused our culture to the point where it’s no longer a relic of the old counter-culture, but is an innate characteristic of the establishment today.” I hope HST’s ghost comes clanking into her dreams and rips her a new one four ways.

Oh, and it’s almost time to paint that damn shed. But blue isn’t gonna cut it. So, what? HST triumphantly holding aloft the snaky head of Diana West? Maybe instead of painting it myself, I’ll just pull someone out of one of those loan shark joints and pay ‘em $500 to do the job. My idea of reform. Now, if only I had $500…

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