Saturday, March 19, 2005

Well, Uh, You See, Uh... 

...Eric Alterman is revising his blogroll; this is something he does every so often, to make sure that each coveted spot is filled by worthy blogs that have maintained their worthiness.

Since many of our alert readers are also alert bloggers as well, this is notification for you, in part.

As in times past, the proceedings are being handled by Jeralyn Merritt, the proprietress of TalkLeft, and the sainted legal pundit all three cable news networks call to be the lone liberal voice usually facing off against two conservative prosecutors and one libertarian law professor, and who've you doubtless often seen being the sole/soul defender of the enlightment, our constitution, and the humanistic values of western civilization as we once knew it.

Now, for the other part; if any of you think that Corrente might be worthy of a place on the estimable Dr. Alterman's blogroll, please feel free to let Jeralyn know. You can submit more than one nomination, including a nomination for your own blog; it is customary, I hear, to say a few lines about the reason for your choice.

Suggestions can be sent by email to alterlinks@aol.com, and you can read about the whole thing yourself here. They announced this Thursday, so you should probably be quick.

Well, uh, like...that wasn't so bad, was it?

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