Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Venal Equinox 

OK, now that Riggsveda has handled the positive stuff (and brilliantly, I might add), back to your irregularly scheduled de-programming!

Actually, the headline wrote itself; I just had to look around for the story. And there are so damn dratted many of them. This one's good, though. From WaPo:


So, just thinking through the checklist here, MBNA's covered with the Credit bill; but Morgan Stanley, Price Waterhouse, and Merrill Lynch—the Social Security phase-outs for them, isn't it?

Actually, the sweetest part of all in this story is contrast between the editors and the technical people (or whoever names the stories and the images at Pravda on the Potomac).

The headline: "Biggest Donors to Bush and the GOP"

The URL:


Reiforced by the GIF:


Gee, investors, huh? It's almost like they're saying Bush is owned, isn't it? I guess that's what He means by the ownership society!

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