Thursday, March 24, 2005

Unsung heroes prevented Jebbie from abusing Schiavo's living corpse 

Way way down at the end of WaPo's coverage:

Law enforcement officers and an attorney for Morton Plant Hospital, where Schiavo's tube was to be reinserted, told Felos and his legal team that the governor's office had notified them that agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement were preparing to take custody of Schiavo and drive her to the hospital. Those phone calls prompted Felos to ask Greer to issue the order that was handed down late Wednesday afternoon blocking the state from taking custody and authorizing "each and every" sheriff's deputy in the state to stop any attempt to remove Schiavo from the hospice.
(via WaPo)

So, the unsung heroes, "law enforcement officers and an attorney" dropped a dime on Jebbies plans. Excellent.

Throughout the Bush Ascendancy's attempts to convert the rule of law into the personal will of the executive, and convert who have sworn oaths to uphold the law and serve their country into political operatives, whistleblowers and people of integrity have tried to stop them.

Unsung heroes: The Army JAGs who opposed Gitmo. Joseph Darby, who blew the whistle on Abu Ghraib.

And now these guys. They won't get a medal from Bush, any more than Joseph Darby did, but they have the knowledge that they did the right thing. And if they helped Terri Schiavo finally die with some shreds of dignity, that's enough.

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