Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Twilight Show 

Well, we all knew it was coming, but let’s take a minute to mourn, anyway…

Senate votes to allow Arctic oil drilling

And let’s mourn the continuing slow death of American media as well…

Bush to name Kevin Martin new FCC chair

And after mourning, back to direct action. But there’s always that nagging feeling after each new outrage. What is that feeling? An accumulation of defeats and miseries that sits on the shoulders, growing heavier and heavier, making it feel like resistance is futile? I’ve been feeling it a lot since I got back with visions of border injustice heavy on my visual cortex, and now, catching up on the news and the posts since, I feel the weight growing. (Did aWol really name KaWen Hughes to be the Middle East peacemaker? Really?) Maybe it's a constant sorrow... time to start wearing black like Johnny Cash... after four more years of this shit, we're ALL gonna need treatment for PTSD...

But, never surrender, never give up! What's the next battle?

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