Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tick, Tick, Tick, Lunatick Fringe 

Hans Bethe died today. Helped make the bomb, said “O shit, what have we done?!” and then spent the rest of his life fighting to control the unleashed genie.

Worth a visit in his honor: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists although the Doomsday Clock is still at seven to midnight. (How can that be?)

And, in a relative vein, following up on our previous discussion of whether or not covert ops were behind the “opposition street protests” in Beirut, we now have to deal with the “anti-opposition street protests” in Beirut, coordinated by…?

I heard on NPR that the mood in Lebanon is such that everyone wants to avoid another civil war, but what of that? My crystal ball tells me that iWaq is headed that way—how can it be avoided? Now Lebanon? And there’ve been political assassinations in Israel and Palestine for years. Now the Gaza pullout and Palestinian infighting make continued, and hotter, war there a very real possibility. Saudi Arabia is unstable as hell.

If the idea was to stabilize the region, Bushco is sure pulling that one off brilliantly, eh? What does the future hold in a region that has been made all the more unstable by Bushco policies, and with nukes bristling, our soldiers in the middle of it, mercenaries prowling about, and billions in oil revenue as the kitty, what good can come of it?

Isn’t part of the pre-Rapture supposed to be a war in the Middle East? A fiery one? Maybe they can’t wait.

PNAC: Blundering the way toward Armageddon, a secular, all-inclusive event.

And finally, happy International Women’s Day. Don’t read this linked article if you have a weak stomach. I began reading, became more and more incredulous at the author’s idiocy and gloating, and finally it sent me sobbing off to the nearest stiff drink. Found it (the article, not the drink) Googling for sources on the resolution. Elaine Donnelly on Women for Reagan on National Review Online

No. On second thought, read it. Perhaps it’ll stir you to action other than drunkenness. For me, it’s too late tonight.

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