Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Those Darn Liberal Activist Judges 

Okay, everybody repeat after me: “We saw THIS one coming.” Headline at AP and Yahoo, to be viewed by millions:

Judge in Schiavo case a Clinton appointee

Of course, giving the lie to the headline, the story goes on to note that

Whittemore, appointed to the federal bench by President Clinton in 1999, is not known to display any political leanings.

Naturally, the judge rules with the other judges, thus allowing Bushco to scream, “See, those activist liberal judges hate our culture of life!”

And then they can try to kill the filibuster rule and pack the courts.

And then nobody will be surprised by the nominees to join the Supremes.

What the hell makes this the headline of this story?

I’m tellin ya, this is just to scapegoat the judicial system, the final prize in the eyes of the talibornagain.

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