Friday, March 04, 2005

They Get Letters (tres) 

I'm working on a draft letter to send. What did I forget to add to the lists? (Alert reader desertswine noted my lack of environmental concerns; that is now fixed by adding #9. Thank you. Alert reader Bob McGuire notices I left out NCLB and related foolishness; fixed that with #10. Thanks. Damn thing's turning into a manifesto.)

Dear (congresscritter):

I am writing today to let you know that I am watching very closely how you vote during this session.

If you vote for, support or remain "neutral" on any of the following:

1. The credit card company/corporate giveaway currently posing as a bankruptcy bill

2. Judicial appointees whose track record indicates that they will make decisions that erode civil rights, liberty and justice for all

3. Ruining social security under the guise of “reform”

4. Foreign policy that costs lives for no purpose

5. Any extensions of the “PATRIOT” act

6. Cutting social programs in favor of military programs

7. Continuing to fund corporate giveaway contracts (e.g., Halliburton in Iraq)

8. Making ruinous tax cuts for the rich permanent

9. Bills or orders that promote the spoiling of our land, water and air and those that live on them (especially if in the guise of "energy needs")

10. Continuation of the de-souling of the educational process in America through NCLB, vouchers and suchlike

I will make it my personal pet project to do the following:

1. Let everyone I can know how you voted and what the probable consequences are

2. See to it that you are defeated should you have the temerity to run for reelection

3. Mount and/or join protests and demonstrations that name you as a supporter of these measures in your (city, district, state)

Very sincerely,

(outraged citizen)

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