Saturday, March 12, 2005

Surprise! Gitmo commanders not moral exemplars 

Ah, the lonely burdens of command. Yes, running a torture mill is hard work... And a man needs solace...

As if the situation at Guantanamo isn't messy enough, there is now a sex scandal involving senior military officers who were running the prison, reports CBS National Security Correspondent David Martin.

The colonel in charge of prison operations, a Lt. colonel who commanded the military police guarding the prisoners, and another lieutenant colonel who commanded the soldiers responsible for base security have all been relieved of duty. They are accused of committing adultery with a female Navy Lt. and a number of female civilian contractors.

An Army general who was the deputy commander of the task force which runs Guantanamo is also under investigation for adultery, which is a violation of military law, Martin reports. That case has been turned over to the Army's inspector general at the Pentagon since it involves such a high ranking officer.

The investigation began after a soldier -- who himself had been disciplined for adultery -- blew the whistle on the officers. Once the investigation began, it turned up e-mails in which the officers were exchanging information about the women they were having sex with.

Although the conduct involves private behavior off duty, Martin notes, it involves four of the most senior officers at the camp. And it raises questions about the quality and discipline of the officers running the prison there.
(via CBS)

Sounds like Gitmo is as demoralized—in every sense of the word—as Abu Ghraib. Of course, the real guilty parties, the true perpetrators of evil, are the civilians who are turning our officers and troops into torturers. Oddly, or not, they never pay any penalty for what they do...

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