Sunday, March 20, 2005

Spring Is In The Packet 

squid_etching_smallMy daughter, the former zoo docent, has been telling me how the sexual habits of squid and kangaroos are similar, in that in both species the male delivers sperm packets into the waiting room of the female, who later decides, based on her own timeline, when to break the packet and release the sperm to become pregnant.

2Three things occurred to me as we were having this conversation: first, that juxtaposing squid and kangaroos is an odd proposition at best; second, that this is not a bad paradigm for humans to aim for, given the problems it could solve; and third, it puts me in the mind of grocery shopping---picking up one of those packets of the new StarKist tuna-in-a-pouch and taking it home, putting it on the shelf till I'm hungry, and then opening it when I feel like it and not before.

The lesson we can take from all this is that good sex is like a hemetically sealed bag of fish: there for you when you need it, but waiting patiently during those times that you don't. And, so long as we don't break the packet prematurely, as fresh and delightful as the first day of spring.

Which it is. Happy Vernal Equinox!

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