Friday, March 25, 2005

Sowing the wind, reaping the whirlwind 

Jebbie, appalled by the forces he and the rest of the Republicans have unleased in the base ("You mean they actually believe this stuff?") appeals for calm:

Gov. Jeb Bush was alarmed enough to call for calm.

"There have been some reports that people are making threatening declarations if this process doesn't go their way," he said. "I urge all who want to help Terri Schiavo to honor her by remaining calm and acting peacefully, even though we are all very distressed by what's happening."

"Even though we may disagree with the courts," he added, "there is no justification for violent acts."
(via Daily News)

Gee, sounds like Jebbie's telling the Christian [cough] loons to "Get over it," doens't it?

Same deal with Little Green Footballs:

In an email, I’ve now been called a Nazi and told that I have a “kill the innocent campaign.”


Right. Now LGF wants to act all "responsible" (but not accountable! Oh no, no, no. They must be entertainers, just like Rush.) A little late in the day, wouldn't you say?

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