Thursday, March 24, 2005

Science for Republicans! 

I know, two in one day, but it's a good day for science!

Octopuses, known for using camouflage to avoid predators, have been observed apparently trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae. Two kinds of octopus were seen to use different ways of walking along the sea floor, researchers were reporting in Friday's issue of the journal Science.
(via AP)

"Walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae..."

Remind you of anything?

How about Bush tiptoeing and crawfishing his bad flippety-floppety self away from the Schiavo case, now that Karl 'n' Karen read him the numbers and he's figured out the issue's a loser?

Because, as Tom points put (back) if Bush had any balls was capable of standing on any principle other than pandering to the base without actually delivering, he would have sent in the National Guard by now....

I hate to think what that move would do to Army recruitment efforts, but heck, why not "err on the side of life"? After all, the kulturkampf is at stake!

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