Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Schiavo case: Closure 

Andrew Cohen, the CBS legal analyst who has been a beacon of sanity in the Schiavo case, writes in the LA Times:

I don't blame the Schindlers and their lawyers for coming up with any and every argument they could think of. Grief expresses itself in many ways. By refusing to accept the Florida court decisions, Congress and the White House enabled this grief, falsely encouraged it and then used it, and the Schindlers, for political purposes. The federal courts, on the other hand, by refusing to change the Constitution for one family, acknowledged this grief and tried to deal with it as humanely as possible while still providing the finality that our legal system provides and that our society needs.

Memo to the wingers: "Get over it." We were right. Also moral.

Of course, it's unlikely that the wingers will devote themselves to getting over it. What they will do is devote themselves to payback.

And since the wingers can never admit to themselves how they've been used by their putative allies, all of whom are now backtracking from this fiasco as fast as they can, the payback will target the judicial system. And us. Let's just hope the wingers don't target judges with snipers the way they've targetted doctors.

UPDATE Or maybe not. Jebbie still has a few appeals going. It would be funny if he wins one, just as all the Republicans are saying "Terri who?"

The Schindlers are still holding out hope for an unlikely intervention by Gov. Jeb Bush, who has said he has done everything in his power to take custody of Schiavo.

The governor still had several legal appeals pending on a state request to let the social services agency take emergency custody of Schiavo, but he had no plans for new action, Bush spokesman Jacob DiPietre said.

UPDATE What Andrew Sullivan (!!) said:

Screw the science. Screw the court system. Screw the law. I disagree with Jonah that this is a minor spat with no long-term consequences. We are looking directly at the real face of contemporary Republicanism. Sane, moderate, thoughtful people are watching this circus and will not soon forget it.
(Daily Dish)

UPDATEA Hal Turner goes even more nuts.

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