Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday Blogging: A Return To "Normalcy?" 

Because every day can't be P-niss blogging day, or it would cease to be so special.

But just to ease you into our return to our regularly scheduled programing, think of this one as another of those There And Back Again, Again recommended reading thingees.

Here's a thoroughly pleasurable instance of a politician and office-holder daring to stand up to Condi and ask a few pointed questions; unfortunately, it's a Canadian former politician and former office-holder, but this open letter to our Secretary of State, whom I heard described this evening on that hotbed of critical analysis, "Washington Week In Review," as being on a role roll," an open letter signed by Lloyd Axworthy, (no, I didn't make up that name),currently the President of the University of Winnipeg and former Canadian foreign minister one that I think you'll find immensely satisfying. (Note: I saw this link in some comments thread,I think, but can't remember where, hence am unable to give credit where credit is due)

I love it when bloggers do stuff like this, document the atrocity; granted, in a world where Darfurs continue, atrocity might be a bit thick as a label for what Michael at "Here's What's Left," does, but if truth-telling is still a value, and deliberate lies, i.e., slander, still a sin, if not an easily proved civil crime, then atrocity fits the bill, and this kind of documenting of it is damned brilliant blogging. What think you? (BTW, while there, don't miss this Friday Night Wicket Blogging (Jeff Gannon edition)," dangerously close to P-Nuss blogging, though it is)

RDF left a link to an appreciation of Hunter Thompson by George McGovern, and just to make it easier for all of you to access it, I thought I'd move it here, the better for you to click on it. It's a delight, and well worth that simple gesture. (I'll have more to say about McGovern over the weekend, so check back.) On the same subject, but employing an entirely different tone, William Rivers Pitt says goodbye to HST and reinspires, all in the same fine piece of writing at Truth-Out.

And finally, from The Raw Story, this story of increasing Republican evil madness, and this one of Democrats actually starting to get a clue.

Well, that should see you through your morning coffee. Have a nice day. I have this strong feeling that next week is going to be a whole lot better.

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