Sunday, March 20, 2005

Republicans vs. the Constitution: Stupid Dems 

Does this remind you of anything? Andrew Cohen of CBS (via the ever essential Atrios)

that there are probably some smart folks on Capitol Hill who are supporting this legislation knowing that ultimately the courts will strike it down. That way, being the politicians that they are, they will be able to blame the heartless judiciary for the result and still will be able to say to their constituents that they tried their best. It is the politics of cynicism at its very best (or very worst).

Wise fools.

This reminds me, at least, of the smart folks in Germany who let Hitler into the government on the assumption that they could control him, and that in six months the Nazis would be defunct. That worked out great, didn't it?

Amazing, amazing, amazing that we're depending on the Rehnquist Court to save us from the end of our 200 year experiment with Constiutional government. Guess those of us who called the Clinton impeachment saga through the theft of election 2000 a slow-moving, media-fuelled rightwing coup were right on the money, eh?

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