Sunday, March 20, 2005

Republicans vs. the Constitution: Finally, the "bill of attainder" meme goes mainstream 

Even if, at 11PM, it's a little too close to the 1AM when the legislation—or, should I say, the putative legislation—gets passed in the House.

And even if it's only on CNN. Jeffey Toobin:

Well, I think it's really unusual and, you know, there's actually even a provision in the Constitution called a bill of attainder. And what that means is under the Constitution, the Congress is not allowed to pass a law directed at a specific person. That was dealt with in the American Revolution because the British Parliament had, you know, passed laws saying John Adams, for example, is a criminal. Under our Constitution, we can't make laws about specific people. So, that would be an issue in the challenge to this law, if it became effect.
(via CNN)

I guess I'll take the Constitution over the "culture of [cough] life" any day. Especially when the life seems to involve a lot of lying, endless grandstanding by Republicans, heavy duty Pharisee-ism, plenty of whipping and scourging, lots of executions, and, oh yeah, a crusade in Iraq against the ungodly.

"Culture of life"?






Please, can we have separation of church and state now? Like we used to, when the country was governed Constitutionally by Presidents who were actually elected?

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