Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Photo-Blogging: the good, the bad, and the pretty ugly 

If you don't like this photo you're unAmerican: No, not the one above. This one here: NTodd

I dunno know why exactly, but so far, that is my favorite NTodd photo. I just really like it. It's a good photo. At least I think so. And I wouldn't have happened upon it unless I'd happened upon this place: Winding Roads Visual Arts; The Gallery of Vermont Photographer NTodd Pritsky and his friends Eli Cates and Aaron Kimball.

So take a look; see for yourself.

BTW: the photo displayed above is a photo I took of The Mighty Corrente Regional Branch Office in the great state of XXXXX where I spend most of my shiftless summer afternoons. Reading, blogging, bashing the brains out of angry greenhead-flys, with a rolled up copy of the National Review, which I also use to ...uh, well, nevermind...

No, not really. Actually I took that picture in Maine. Mount Desert Island to be exact. Where I lived for a short shiftless while many years ago. So, if you - whoever you are - recognize the "branch office" location above you can rest easy. I'm long gone, have been for years (you betcha), and you don't have to worry about me sneaking around in your yard any more. No siree by gawd.

In fact. I have my very own cozy branch office now. With my very own flys. Big ugly shit-eating flys. And a big stack of NY Posts and Weekly Standards which I use to, uh, well...nevermind again. That's a picture I don't think we need to develop any further.


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