Friday, March 25, 2005

"Paulie Wal-Mart"! 

I love it when the joke comes first, and reality follows after. It's like, like, life imitating art, or something. So, farmer makes the joke in comments, and Bingo! On the very same day comes the story!

Another small chapter in the endless book of corporate thievery under The Money Power:

[Thomas Coughlin,] high-profile Wal-Mart Stores Inc. board member resigned Friday after an internal probe turned up evidence of financial improprieties of up to half-a-million dollars. Three Wal-Mart employees, including a company officer, also lost their jobs.
(via AP)

"But—but—they got the bad guys!" I hear you say.

"No, the smart bad guys heaved the stupid bad guy over the side so they could preserve their ill-gotten gains," say I.

Let's do the math: $500,000, you say... How trivial compared to hundreds of millions for Halliburton and trillions in our payroll taxes moved into the pockets of the uber-rich!

Then gain... The minimum wage is $5.15 an hour (before taxes). So this guy cheerfully appropriate oh, around 97,000 hours of work at WalMart. That's 2425 40 hour weeks, or 46 years of work. At WalMart.

Gee, it's almost like these guys think the people who work for them are slaves, or something. Whip 'em whenever they don't hop to it, and then take everything that they earn.

And that kind of "entitlement" is the real problem in America today, isn't it.

"Paulie Wal-Mart!"

UPDATE Interestingly, Thomas Coughlin is big on RFID. Not that these guys would do literally anything for a buck, like subcutaneous injection... Please refer all that crazy stuff to The Department of No! They Would Never Do That!

And whaddaya know! The same source tells us that Coughlin is on the board of ChoicePoint, the same company that helped Jebbie steal Florida 2000 for W by purging legitimate voters from the rolls.

Thieves like us, huh? Guy steals from his company, guy steals an election. Same deal. The fish really does rot from the head, doesn't it?

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