Friday, March 04, 2005

P-Niss Blogging Friday: The Personal Is The Political 

Turns out those of us who grew up proudly in the sixties were more right than anyone has ever allowed.

To those of you who are tempted to shrug off the Farmer's meditation below, as personal and possibly drug-induced, take a gander at what our President is actually saying when he brings his masculine persona to American venues, large and small, hither and yon.
I've touched it. I touched it in 2000, when I campaigned here and around the country; I touched it in 2004; and I really touched it at the State of the Union, because I believe we have a problem. And I want to talk to you about the problem.
Now who really believes that he's talking about touching that third rail of American politics, Social Security reform? At best, it's a multi-layered message. Or a double-entendred layered message. It's even clearer when you listen to him

And this morning, somewhere in New Jersey, in the midst of one of those potemkin village town meetings of Rove's, I heard the Prez acknowledge that Social Security has been an important safety net for Seniors, but that the safety net has "a hole" in it, followed by a smirking chuckle. Ask yourself what that "hole" imagery is all about.

I ain't just kidding around, folks. The clearest way to take this guy down is to metaphorically, and please remember I said metaphorically, to neuter him. Democrats need to show that they can stop him cold. Wear that damn cloak of obstructionist proudly. Twirl it in his face. This President has hooked his balls to the notion of being "effective." Getting things done. No matter that they may be terrible things that hurt the vast majority of Americans. Castrate the bastard, damnit. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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