Friday, March 11, 2005

P-Niss Blogging Friday Late Night 

Mr. P-Niss Reports:

Mr P-Niss has been searching our nations celebrated historical yesteryears for profound examples of God, government, and good plain spoken business instincts working in a graceful synergy to help make America a saner, more prosperous, God-fearin', common sense hospitable kind of public square place for eveyone who agrees to behave properly in it. Just like it used to be before you know who (those hat-hating liberals for instance) ruined everything. So then, Mr. P-Niss believes, he has found the perfect example of this synergy in graceful prior action. Once upon a bygone time in America... in Wilkes Barre PA, to be exact:
Those who like to go hatless in Winter may find this city inhospitable to their whim should the city council pass a resolution submitted by Mayor Hart, who thinks that not to wear a hat in Winter is an insult to the intelligence of "God-fearing citizens." So Mayor Hart, admitting he wants to stimulate the sale of hats here, as well as rid the town of a "new species of lunatics," has drafted a resolution to the council which declares that "those who insist on going hatless in Winter weather be declared insane and placed behind the walls of asylums."

Above item: as reported by the Associated Press, 1930.

And in other historical news -- John J. Boggan, observant resident of The Yellowhammer state, delivers an early global warming warning broadcast, including its causes and consequences, via the Birmingham Post, Birmingham Alabama, circa 1930:
We are having unusual weather, and if it continues awhile longer there is no telling what will develop in the way of sickness. I have good reason to believe that all this disturbance is caused by radio broadcasting and, in my judgment, it is not at its worst. I would like to explain my reasons to some good minister of the gospel and I believe he will agree with me. I will do this at any time or place. I believe it so strong that I warn all people in lowlands to hunt hills before next Spring. Last Spring was nothing to what they can look for this coming Spring. - John J. Boggan, Pratt City, Ala.

In 1930 Sinclair Lewis became the first American to win the Nobel Prize for literature; for his novel Babbitt.

On a personal note: Mr. P-Niss has just noticed that the little white cat pictured in the post below is wearing Mr. P-Niss's favorite winter hat and Mr. P-Niss would like to know how that cat got that hat. Mr. P-Niss wants the hat back from the cat! Because Mr. P-Niss doesn't want to be heaved into an insane asylum. Not even for a minute. Especially an insane asylum in Wilkes Barre, PA. Wherever that is.


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