Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Nice to see Bush condemn the assassination of a Federal judge's family 

The details:

The mother and husband of a federal judge were brutally killed execution style, according to a newspaper report. The judge was once the target of a murder plot by a white nationalist, and postings praising the slayings on supremacist Web sites were accompanied by "RAHOWA!", meaning "racial holy war."

It appeared that Michael Lefkow, 64, remained alive briefly and tried to move, according to the report. The judge's mother, Donna Humphrey, 89, was apparently forced to the basement without the two walking canes she required to get around. Investigators also found a shoe print in blood, the sources said.
(via CBS)


Oh, wait...

A Federal judge's family gets assassinated, and Bush hasn't issued any kind of statement at all? No compassion for the survivors? No condemnation of the killers?

Why would that be, I wonder?

Lefkow has presided over a variety of cases since she was nominated to the District Court bench by President Clinton in 2000.

Oh, OK. She must have been on the White House blacklist for the ungodly. Or something.

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