Friday, March 18, 2005

News from the Other War 

The ACLU has published a study that states the obvious:

"Drug convictions have caused the number of women behind bars to explode, leaving in the rubble displaced children and overburdened families," the document says.

The number of imprisoned women is increasing at a much faster rate than the number of men, mostly because of tougher drug laws. There were 101,000 women in state and federal prisons in 2003, an eight-fold increase since 1980; roughly one-third were drug offenders, compared to about one-fifth of male inmates.

via ACLU: U.S. war on drugs hurting women

Might be time to pay a visit to the November Coalition if you never have. Sip a Mai Tai while you do, using riggsveda’s recipe (below). That is, while Mai Tai’s are still a legal high.

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