Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Moonie Paper weighs in on Schiavo 

Nothing like a little eliminationist rhetoric, is there? Heed the words of The Messiah:

There's no hope now for Terri Schiavo, not unless one of the worms turn.

Just who all the worms are is not yet clear. Michael Schiavo, the errant husband, has never been this close to sending Terri into eternity. His behavior in this drama has been worm-like.

Or maybe the judges are the worms. The justices of the Florida and federal courts, who ordinarily revel in their ability to make up laws when they can't find one in the law books to suit their purposes of the moment, have decreed that there's no legal way to save Terri from the death by starvation and dehydration that convicted serial killers, murderers of children and others on death row would be spared.
(via Wasington Times)


What do you do with worms? Stamp them. Funny how the pro-lifers are so willing to "err on the side of" killing those who disagree with them (back)

Of course, we all knew "the tyranny of unelected judges" line was coming. Never mind that Judge Greer is elected (65%), a Baptist, and a Republican; the delusional wingers have never been ones to let the facts stand in the way of propagating a good meme.

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