Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The mandate of heaven 

Here's what Fat Tony thinks about the mandate of heaven. Funny, you know I thought the "mandate of heaven" was for old-fashioned empires or something, like China. Richard Cohen writes:

Not only did [Scalia] find the Ten Commandments to be religious, he asserted that they were "a symbol of the fact that government derives its authority from God." Oh yeah, Who says?
(via WaPo)

If I believed that, I'd have to believe that God was in the White House—not just in it, like being everywhere, but actually running it—and then I'd have to believe God thought torture was good. And lying. Lots of lying. And screwing the poor.

I'd have a problem with that.

Why don't any of these so-called Christians?

Pass the ol' Imperial Margarine, eh?

UPDATE Nice exchange between riggsveda and chica toxica:

[RIGGSVEDA] We'd be better off having our major legal issues decided by some hoary old guy in a robe with a bowl of animal innards and some bones.

[CHICA TOXICA] Well, I'd certainly trust said hoary old guy a lot more at this point.

I think they've got it right...

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