Sunday, March 13, 2005

Love Is Never Having To Say "I Told You So." 

Over at The American Street, Rox Populi is musing on the belated awakening of some of her more conservative Bush-voting family and friends to the gigantic mess that is Iraq. She asks, reasonably enough, how this awakening distrust of Bush's admin can be best exploited:
"To cut to the chase, they’ve all got “buyer’s remorse.” And it isn’t because of the bankruptcy bill, social security reform or the rise of the influence of the religious Right.
Perhaps ironically, they believe Iraq is FUBAR. And they started thinking that right after the elections there.
I bring this up because I believe we have an opportunity if we play our hand deftly. When the “buyer’s remorse” crowd makes their anxieties more public, how shall we react? It’s a serious question that demands a better answer than “I told you so.” "
The reasonable, mature adult inside of me knows this is an important question. But the pissed-off crank inside is winning the battle. Herewith, my comment in response to her post:
"Count on a judicious silence from me. I’m so sick of playing canary in the coalmine that I really have stopped caring what the people who put him office think. Isn’t this the age of “personal responsiblity”, as that end of the political spectrum likes to endlessly babble? Well, then, fuck it. Let them feel some personal responsibility for it. After all the hard work I did before the election to try to make a difference, only to see the whole thing sink into a quagmire of ecstatic marginalizing the day of the coronation, I’m not interested in soothing anybody’s worried brow. Let them start thinking up ways to fix the mess they made. In fact, I think it behooves us to demand they get to work to make amends for the clusterfuck they helped create. Let them be the ones to sweat it for awhile."
What do you think?

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