Monday, March 21, 2005

A letter from alert reader THB's Dad 

Here it is:

I know that neither of you agree with me on the Bush administration - tho neither of you seemed to hear my comments of comparing Bush with Kerry and a tort lawyer.

However, I thought you would be interested in my reaction to what I feel is an almost fascist act by Christian Wrong-abetted republicans, apparently allowed to proceed by Bush. This is, in my opinion, unconscionable meddling by a political party/group in our courts, our private lives and the way this country works.

I have to correct an address error on my voters' card; when I do that, I am changing my registration to Independent - I have been a registered Republican for over 40 years. I have also always been more afraid of the self-righteous right (currently the Christian Wrong) than the incompetent left. This is a self-righteous, "I'll impose by beliefs on all of you because I am holy Christian and God is on my right hand", nonsense but, worse, it isn't what this country was made of and from - and it is damaging to the fabric of our political system and, I believe, to our social system as well.

The backlash will probably be equally as bad, but the Democrats are so inept at this point, the backlash may be muted. The country will survive, it always has, but the process is and will be more painful than at other times. This is a sad day, in my mind.

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